About Us

The Vancouver Island Multiple Myeloma Support Group was formed to offer awareness, education, and assistance to all those touched by myeloma, sharing information, concerns, and successes.

We are fully committed to bringing new treatments to BC myeloma patients. All donations received go towards advancing patient support and BC clinical research directly.

We are a volunteer non-profit group and no member of our organization is paid.

The group meets every second Monday of each month at:

Yakimovich Wellness Centre (adjacent to the Aberdeen Hospital)
1454 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8T 2B7
TIME: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Multiple myeloma is a complex blood cancer that affects white blood cells that make antibodies. Although rapidly evolving research has had encouraging benefits for diagnoses, treatment, and overall wellness, time restraints experienced by Health Care Professionals and a wide range of often-conflicting symptoms make it difficult to teach all aspects of the disease. While the Internet provides an abundance of information, support groups are helpful in establishing that which is both reliable and appropriate.

We learn together through discussion, guest speakers, videos, Internet and published resources. Experienced patients mentor those newly diagnosed, mitigating the anxiety and stress that commonly follows a diagnosis. In consultation with their health care professionals, informed family, caregivers, and patients make a stronger team when exploring treatment plans.

Living with multiple myeloma presents considerable challenges. Despite the advances in treatment options, relapse is both common and expected. Learning to cope with what initially seems catastrophic, without losing hope or one’s identity to the disease, is easier with greater awareness and support from those who share similar experiences.


Current issues and decisions by policy-makers have the potential to affect the quality and equitable access to healthcare. We need a strong voice in order to be heard; together as a community we present a unified message to effect change.

Like the rainbow the seven distinct bands of colour are unified into one.
From Alone we become All One.